Anne Predaille
Henri Troyat

After the death of her mother, whom she loved passionately, Anne Prédaille was left alone with her father. A shy and vulnerable father that this bereavement made even more dependent. In front of him Anne draws up her rigor, her lucidity and what she believes to be the wisdom of her 30 years. However, Anne will lose this proud confidence when she meets Laurent, when she discovers pleasure and passion with him. But Laurent is a capricious, unstable being, agitated by vain revolts, and soon Anne will take over him the tyrannical empire that she already exercises over her father. She will seek to domesticate, to subdue the one she loves – in her own way. For his own good, she believes.
But do we have the right to decide for others, to influence them? Do we not suffocate it to the point of leading it to its destruction?

ISBN: 978-9939-76-598-3
Pages: 280
Cover: hard
Format: 12.5×20

Published by “Antares“, 2020