Tehran At Twilight
Salar Abdogh

The year is 2008. Reza Malek’s life is modest but manageable–he lives in a small apartment in Harlem, teaches “creative reportage” at a local university, and is relieved to be far from the blood and turmoil of Iraq and Afghanistan where he worked as a reporter, interpreter, and sometime lover for a superstar journalist who has long since moved on to more remarkable men.

After a terse phone call from his best friend in Iran, Sina Vafa, Reza reluctantly returns to Tehran. Once there, he finds far more than he bargained for: the city is on the edge of revolution; his friend Sina is embroiled with Shia militants; his missing mother, who was alleged to have run off with a lover before the revolution, is alive and well–while his own life is in danger.

ISBN: 978-9939-76-453-5
Pages: 264
Cover: Hard
Format: 12.5×20

Published by “Antares“, 2019