The Cluster
Zakhar Prilepin

The Main character, of course, fictional. This 27-year-old Artem, got to the camp even before Stalin’s repressions. But even his beloved has his historical prototype. Galina in the novel is the real mistress of the Ahmanson Galina Kucherenko.

The inmates Artem also hidden prototypes of real characters of Soviet reality. Mitya Milkacow – academician Dmitry Likhachev. Head of the camp Nogtev – Alexander p. Nogtev, who led the first Solovki, even before the Ahmanson. Frankel – naftaly Frenkel, one of the leaders of the Gulag. Boris Lukyanovich – Boris Lukyanovich Solonevich, Russian writer and public figure, who spent 8 years in the Solovetsky camps.

ISBN: 978-9939-76-232-6
Pages: 984
Cover: Hard
Format: 12.5×20

Published by “Antares“, 2018