21 02, 2023
  • outdoor advertising

Our main carriers of outdoor advertising media.

The fact is that you receive thousands of advertisements every day.

The question is – how many of these can you clearly remember?

Obviously, due to the overloaded information space on the Internet, advertising is less likely to grab your attention and fix the message in your mind.

At the same time, sociological studies claim that three-quarters of […]

9 02, 2023
  • paper bags

Paper bags – variety and use

Paper bags have become a "hit" for the fashion industry, expensive gifts, and luxury items - an attribute of premium class and premium consumption.
23 01, 2023
  • ordering a box

How to start ordering a box?

The main thing is to decide what problems you want to solve. Designer individual packaging will help you stand out from the crowd. The standard will make it possible to achieve a reduction in packaging costs with acceptable guarantees of the safety of the investment. The collapsible box is easy to transport to the point […]

25 10, 2022
  • Packaging

Marketing and Advertising Role of Packaging

The concept of promotion of production encompasses the entity of those means with the help of which the producer (seller) deals with the market informing about his/her activity or production, and it is also the last stage to influence the consumer market. Promotion of production is one of the most important elements of marketing, strategy, […]