Alms to Frosia
Author: Hovhannes Yeranyan

Initially, the author had entitled his book “Soviet, Post-Soviet” although the pivot of his interest was neither the collapse of that state, nor were those sudden political and social changes that brought to wars, the formation of new states, and ongoing poverty. Human destinies are of main importance for a writer. Those were destinies that got warped as a result of political upheavals. A human being was completely forgotten in this political process. That human being or those human beings are the heroes of Hovhannes Yeranyan’s stories. People who survived the unstable period and then died, and people who still live and will die later.

ISBN: 978-9939-51-487-1 hard
ISBN: 978-9939-51-486-4 soft
Pages: 144
Cover: hard and soft
Language: Armenian
Format: 12.4×19

Published by “Antares“, 2013