Pointe Shoes for Anna
Nadiyka Gerbish

Anna has a great dream: she wants to become a real ballerina above all else. Since seeing the performance of the magical 32 Fouettes from Swan Lake on the theatre stage, Anna has been making every effort to make her dream come true, training both her body and spirit. But is it easy to be a dancer? Ballet seems like a fairy tale on stage, but behind the scenes it is sometimes even more boring than the physical practice sessionss. Together with Anna, readers will learn what the relevee, curtsey, barre exercises and pliee are, as well as discover other ballet secrets. Pointe Shoes for Anna is a tender and reassuring story about kindness, love and family warmth.

ISBN: 978-9939-76-611-9
Pages: 56
Cover: Hard
Language: Armenian
Format: 17.5×22.5

Published by “Antares”, 2020