The Return of Kikos
Author: Armen Ohanyan

“This anthology is the writer’s first book including the very first samples of interactive Armenian prose. It has the principles of game and co-authorship special to it. Any reader, as well as writers may appear as a co-author (DOCking, Flying Bicycle; co-author: Aram Pachyan, The Last Breakfast; co-author: Lilit Karapetyan). The game is indivisible part of Armen Ohanyan’s works (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Mario Superstar, Hide-and-seek, Matryoshka). That is his preferred way to involve readers and to overcome the isolation in modern Armenian literary process. As a postmodernism follower he reconsiders the past unfastening some space in the Armenian prose both for old and new characters (The Return of Kikos, Red Hooding Ride, Radio Yerevan).”

ISBN: 978-9939-51-462-8
Pages: 128
Cover: Hard and Soft
Language: Armenian
Format: 12.4×19

Published by “Antares“, 2013