The Sun of Twins
Author: Hrachya Saribekyan

A world, where the butterflies scream, the lizards are wise enough not to consume with casual movements the eternity destined to them. The crickets have a message for people, the dead pretend to be shadows. In a forgotten corner of the planet fallen into the cosmic abyss where clocks are not subjected to time, a monk lives who hunts crows, and a child with white hair, who has the material evidence of God in his pocket. The novel is about the friendship between death and the little boy as well as about self-identity, about quest for a lost father, the search for a lost man implying the quest for God.

ISBN: 978-9939-51-424-6
Pages: 216
Cover: hard and soft
Language: Armenian
Format: 12.4×19

Published by “Antares“, 2012