2022Celebrating already its 30th anniversary, Antares Media Holding has been justly holding a leading position in the publishing and book market of the Republic of Armenia. Literary works published by “Antares” are ordered and purchased both directly by readers and book distributors in France, the USA, Russia, Lebanon, etc.

Antares Media Holding publishes books of almost all literary genres – journalism, documentaries, political and educational literature, intellectual and entertainment works, literature for youth, applied and educational books.

Currently, the company’s track record includes almost five thousand titles of published books; the current editorial portfolio includes more than 100 authors from around the world; the total number of circulations of all books has come to 2,000,000 since its existence.

The team of the publishing house stands as professionals – literary and technical editors, designers, illustrators, proofreaders, typesetters, translators, managers for the promotion of works and especially books by young Armenian authors.


New opportunities and endeavors of Antares Media Holding and a new Heidelberg Printmaster 74-4 offset printing machine. Translations from 15 world languages ​​into Armenian.

In commemoration of the company’s 20th anniversary and in honor of the 500th anniversary of the history of Armenian book printing, the company was awarded a diploma from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia.

At the main competition of book publishers of the Commonwealth countries “The Art of the Book”, the “Illustrated History of Armenia” published by “Antares” won the first prize in the nomination “SCIENCE and EDUCATION”

2000 titles of literary works of Armenian and foreign classics have been published, which make up the scientific, cultural and intellectual fund of the world heritage. In total, since the foundation of the company, more than 1 million books by 150 authors have been published.


Coordination with the largest international publishing houses for the release of thematic anthologies and literary series.

The first, in our times, peer-reviewed translations of the works belonging to classical literature from the author’s languages ​​into Eastern and Western Armenian languages. Conclusion of the first independent contract for the provision of copyright for the publication.

The total circulation of books published by the publishing house exceeded 500,000.  120 authors’ works were published, including 17 Armenian writers.

More than 1000 titles of published books in Armenian, including the debut works of 12 young Armenian writers.

In cooperation with Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, on its basis, a specialized department of “Advertising” was founded (nina.kevorkova@rau.am) under the guidance of and with the support of the entire staff of RAU.

Ordering, reviewing, publishing children’s educational literature and school textbooks by order of the Revolving Fund of Textbooks and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Armenia.


Acquisition of digital and offset printing equipment to expand the possibilities of printing production, including semi-format Heidelberg Printmaster 52-2, die-cutting machines, binding equipment.

Organization of the infrastructure division of commercial design.

For the further development and management of the production process as well as to for the enhancement of the technological potential of “Antares” organization, it was transformed into the Antares Media Holding group of companies in the following directions- book publishing, offset printing, digital printing, container and packaging production, advertising and design studio.


Implementation of a program for the development of our own printing production of a full cycle of offset printing for the production of small-circulation book products and printed promotional materials.

More than 100 extravagantly titled books in Armenian, published with a total circulation of more than 50,000 copies. 

In order to develop and standardize the advertising market in the Republic of Armenia, an award was established and the first Yerevan International Advertising Festival in Armenia was introduced.


Year of the foundation of the publishing house “Antares“. Release of the first book in the Armenian language within the period of the independence of the Republic of Armenia with a circulation of more than 1000 copies. Creating own editorial office, providing services for professional layout, proofreading and illustration.

Together with Yerevan State University, the School of Computer Literacy was established with the award of a state standard diploma.