A Man Was Going Down the Road
Author: Otar Chiladze

A Man Was Going Down the Road (1972, English translation 2012) is an epic that combines legendary Greek mythology with a tragic Georgian love story. Georgian author, Otar Chiladaze (1933-2009), writes the story of the Golden Fleece when the King of Greece’s second wife orders the slaughter of his previous children, Phrixos and his sister Helle. “But just when the priest had a sharpened knife in his hand, out of the blue a ram came flying in – not running, but flying” and carried the children away on its back to safety. But, alas, the children fall into the sea. Bedia, a fisherman from Vani, a coastal city of Colchis (modern-day Georgia), rescues Phrixos from the sea, still clinging to the winged ram with the Golden Fleece, but his sister Helle drowns. It is the story when Vani was a city by the sea and “the first Greeks set foot on Colchian soil and humbly asked for asylum.”

ISBN: 978-9939-51-846-6
Pages: 776
Cover: hard
Language: Armenian
Format: 12.5×20

Published by “Antares“, 2015